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About Bengalpix

Bengal Picture Library is a stock photo agency in Bangladesh, which started its journey in 2012. The archive of Bengal Picture Library is enriched with the photographs taken by a group of top experienced photographers. Bengal Picture Library started with a collection of 100,000 photos and the collection is getting larger every day.

Bangladesh is a South Asian country with immense diversity. The country has a long history, cultural legacy, ancient architectural sites and, above all, its amiable people and natural beauty. Bengal Picture Library is committed to uphold all these aspects of the country though its photographs.

Bengal Picture Library is a user-friendly source of photos where one can find pictures on any subject associated with the country—diverse landscape of Bangladesh, archaeological and modern architecture, various festivals and fairs round the year, indigenous population, the flora and fauna, and portraits of noted personalities. In a nutshell, Bengal Picture Library is the most dependable source of single image or photo stories on any subject related to Bangladesh.

Bengal Picture Library is capable of providing photo-related service necessary for any calendar publisher, website creator or multimedia presenter, advertisement and billboard agencies, publication house, travel agency and research organization.

Bengal Picture Library is an associate body of the Bengal Group, which is also the mother company of Bangladesh’s top travel agency The Bengal Tours Limited.